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In Santa Clara, current name of the ancient colony Trinacria, 250 Km north of Asuncion, capital of Paraguay, lives a population mostly made up of European descendants. They’re the children and grandchildren of the ancient Sicilian settlers who undertook the long one-way journey to that part of South-America still little known and unexplored. Nearly 100 years separate these people from their motherland, and what remains now of the ancient colony? To find out we just need to to take a bus in Asuncion heading north-east. After 5 hours along the road we arrive at the entrance of a town, marked by a wooden signpost. We leave behind the noisy and crowded capital, the great buildings, the chaotic South American traffic and the many villas after having crossed an endless green sea populated by exotic animals, little villages scattered here and there and surrounded by a majestic and powerful nature. The silence welcomes the visitors, one coming from the city would say, an unnatural silence. The few paved roads, full of cars and heavy trucks carrying all sorts of merchandise, disappear completely making the way for paths of earth and sand. Long red tracks travel all along the country, made of little houses and big natural gardens, buried in a time that we never knew even if we know that belongs to us, in a past that doesn’t seem so far in here.

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